Feast of Trumpets 2017

Updates: August 19, 2017 The Rapture [the end of the current Christian Church Age – the Church is called into Heaven] and [on] the Jewish Feast of Trumpets. The Rapture and the Feast of Trumpets Youtube Note: There are actually 8 prescribed Feast Days not 7 in Leviticus Chapter 23. The Feast Day of Sabbath […]

Introduction to Christian Zionism

Updates: July 16, 2017 Introduction to Christian Zionism Christian Covenant Zionism and Christian Dispensation Zionism Christian Covenant Zionism is primarily focused on the future Christian Church Millennial Reign government, administrations, individual functions, etc. Christian Dispensation Zionism is primarily focused on the future Jewish Israeli Millennial Reign Temple, government, administrations, etc. Zionism: Christian Zionism by David […]

The Protestant Reformation

Updates: July 2, 2017 The Protestant Reformation When the Protestant Reformation officially occurred on Oct. 31, 1157 AD with the Catholic Monk Martin Luther posting of his Ninety-Five Theses complaints against various Catholic church practices and some abuses. The Protestant Reformation in splitting from the Catholic church actually split into two Protestant factions the Evangelical […]

Fall Feasts 2017

Updates: June 4, 2017 Fall Feasts 2017 Feast of Trumpets (Leviticus 23:24) The two-day Jewish Feast of Trumpets is interesting as it is both the next Biblical Feast (Leviticus 23) in order to be prophetically fulfilled “in their seasons” (Leviticus 23:4) and it is also considered to be the Feast time that provides the possible […]

Evangelical Christianity Explained

Bride will be Raptured during a Feast of Trumpets “Rosh Hashanah” by Mark Biltz Evangelical Christianity Explained I have recently been studying early-church history including Roman Emperors, Crusaders, Nights Templers and Spanish Conquistadors. Much of what these groups were doing and attempting to do was. 1. Going to Jerusalem attempting to find traditional Christianity [though […]

The Evangelical Holy Week (Easter) 2018

Christianity for Christians Presenting a New Era in Modern Christianity!The Evangelical Holy Week 2018 – Reality and Faith United! Friday, March 23rd 2018 until — Easter Sunday, April 1st 2018 Getting Started on Our Ten Day Journey with Jesus Spending Resurrection (Easter) Week with Jesus 2,000 Years AgoResurrection Holy Week 2018 Journeying with Jesus the […]

2017 Signs in Heaven

Updates: I’m posting this info as generally informative of current events and ideas not as specific future eventsThe September 23, 2017 Signs in Heaven I have been watching some YouTube videos about End Time events. Each new year brings the potential of End Time prophetic events and already 2017 as a year of change has […]

Basic Christian Theology

Basic Christian: Theology Answers to Life’s Questions Version 3.1 Resources Located at The-Jesus-Realm.com Download at BasicChristian_Essentials.zip or BasicChristian.zip ~ Most of the Bible verses are from the ÜKJV 2014 Bible Introductory Post Christian Community Theology Study A Theology Study for the Evangelical Congregational Church Fellowship Style Accentuating the Congregational Church model of Christian fellowship equality, […]

The Evangelical Christmas

The Evangelical Christmas Glory to God in the Highest Christmas – Glory to God in the Highest Celebrating the Birth of Jesus Christ the Savior of Mankind And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from [the Roman King] Caesar Augustus [born Octavian and reigned from 27 BC to […]